My Kilns

my gas kiln

Here's a picture of my gas kiln. It's all soft-brick, including the floor. There's about 50 cubic feet of loading space. It runs on natural gas, although you could easily convert the burners to run on propane (just change the orifice).

There are six burners -- three on either side. It's a sprung-arch, downdraft, and the arch is entirely made of arch bricks -- no straights at all, so it's not even slightly vulnerable to bricks falling out of the arch -- it only gets stronger!

There's about three inches of KaoWool laid over the arch for additional insulation and to prevent heat from leaking out the spaces between bricks.

This kiln fires to cone 10 in about seven hours, starting from cold. Honest. I can show you my firing logs. Obviously, you could fire slower, but I've gotten great results from firing very fast.

It comes with a full complement of shelves (in pretty good shape), and nearly full boxes of pyrometric cones (6, 8, 9, 10, 11). There are a few unopened boxes of bricks, too.

The bricks are in extremely good condition -- almost like new. I haven't really done that many firings since I built it two years ago. I built a roof for it, so it hasn't been exposed to much weather, either. Altogether, there are about 1000 bricks.

I used extra-heavy angle irons and tie-rods, plus cable at the bottom. The burner manifold was professionally constructed and installed.

I'm asking $2300 for the whole thing, or the best offer. (That's based on $1.75 per brick, compared to new at $2.64 ... and nominal prices for all the accessories. Make an offer!)

also my gas kiln  

my Skutt 1227 kiln


I'm also selling my electric kiln (I thought about bringing it to Hawaii with me, but it would cost almost as much to ship it as to buy a new one!).

It's a SKUTT 1227, approximately 3 feet in diameter and almost 3 feet deep (loading space). It's almost new, with electronic kiln sitter (what luxury!), shelves, and no broken bricks. It comes with the official Skutt legs.

New, it sells for about $2500 (check the Skutt website). I'd like to get $2000 for it. Make an offer.



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